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DeMato Productions Meets Maury Social Media Makeovers

 I was recently asked back to Maury to take some portraits of their guests who were on the show to remake their social media prescience, starting with their look and pictures.  I worked with three guests, each looking for a couple different shots apiece.  

Now, having worked on the show for 9 seasons, it was like going home and see all the friends in town you haven't seen in a while.  They made me feel welcome, as always, and I, in turn, made the subjects in front of my camera, feel welcome. 

And, of course, we made some magic!  I think it was the monster beard that helped with the project, to be honest.   :) 

This clip aired at the end of the show during the credits:

This clips is posted to Youtube, on the Maury channel:

Quite a difference in those before and afters, huh?  Yeah, I didn't know what I was walking into until a few moments before I started shooting the guests.  And when they each came down to where I was set up, I couldn't believe the transformation!  The Maury staff did a phenomenal job making these women over!  I should've asked them to style my beard since I would've appreciated a new look for my close-up, :)

Anyway, what did you think of the before and after shots?  Leave a comment below and let me know!