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Add a lil' charisma to your headshot!

Recently, I was at a conference of thought leaders and during one of the breakout talks on influence and persuasion, the speaker discussed the importance of illustrating charisma in your headshot.

She defined charisma as equal parts strength and warmth.

Strength - confidence in sharing your particular area of expertise, and the resolve to stand for what you believe.

Warmth - approachable, likable and empathetic to others while educating them on your area of expertise.

Regardless of your industry, when your headshot exudes strength and warmth, that will undoubtedly capture potential clients’ attention without you even starting a conversation with them.  

I mean, who doesn't want to learn from someone who’s knowledgeable and confident, yet completely approachable and willing to help?

Now, how does strength and warmth present itself in an actual portrait?

Well, let’s break down a photo - my official headshot - to see how charisma is achieved in an actual photo:

Strength is achieved in this image through a combination of factors - a well-defined jawline, posture that is upright and pointed towards the camera and direct eye contact with the audience.

From the outside looking in, this person presents himself powerfully and is unafraid to let everyone know it.

The warmth angle is achieved in the eyes and the smirky smile.  

I had other images similar to this, but, the difference was that my mouth was slightly tense and my brow was too tight, presenting more in an angry, less approachable way.

The smartass expression on my face is key in warming up the entire image - it also reinforces how I roll when I work with my clients, which is CRITICAL since my ideal clients are attracted to that quality, and it’s an immediate qualifier for those who are considering to work with me.

Now, I ask you to review your current primary headshot - can you see a mixture of strength and warmth?  Not sure? Ask a friend or colleague what they think.  

Better yet, place a link in the comment section below to your headshot and I will share with you my thoughts on it, :)


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