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Do you suffer from a case of re-tweeting syndrome

Not all Twitter accounts are created equal, folks.

Recently, I’ve run into several feeds that are exclusively comprised of re-tweets.

No original portraits or other image content of any kind.

No links to original videos to be found.

Original blog posts? Don’t even bother looking.

Just a steady stream of re-tweets from everybody else’s feeds.

I refer to these accounts as exhibiting symptoms of “re-tweeting syndrome.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but, isn’t the point of leveraging social media for your business and brand to share content that illustrates your business and brand?

Every thought leader who owns a Twitter handle has the unique opportunity to present themselves powerfully and authentically, and through the promotion of that content, attract those who need them most.

Don’t get me wrong - aggregating great content that is relevant and beneficial to your followers is not only providing value to them, but, it also strengthens your brand as the authority in your area of expertise.  

I definitely re-tweet cool articles that I know could benefit my followers, so I completely understand the value in doing that consistently.

But if you’re not providing original content, how will people know what specialties you bring to the table?  

Your followers follow you for a reason.  Don’t shortchange them by not feeding them a steady diet of what makes you awesome and can help positively change their lives.

Reward their choice to follow your feed with your unique thought leadership so that they can share all of this amazing information with others who also need to hear it.

What are your feelings on re-tweeting? Am I being too harsh, or do you feel the same way?

Please share your re-tweet strategy in the comment section below.

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