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It's all in the details

Recently, I was photographing one of my client’s summit appearances where he was not only hosting, but was also presenting the keynote address.  

After his speech, he came over to check out what I captured, and after thumbing through several shots, he was set to go back on stage to introduce the next panel.

Just before he headed to the stage, he tucked in his chain underneath his sweater.

His reason?

“I figure I’ll tuck this in to get some shots without the chain out - you know, to make the shots look slightly different than the other ones.”

That statement made me smile - he clearly gets it, :)

One major challenge all thought leaders who commit to a daily, social posting schedule shares is to avoid posting portraits where they look exactly the same from shot-to-shot.

I address this concern during every pre-session strategy call I have with clients and make sure that we prepare with this in mind.

Yes, part of the solution is to wear multiple outfits, but, that’s just one piece to the puzzle - the full answer is deeper than that.

In order to truly diversify the visual look of your portraits, pay close attention to the details when packing your bags for your branded, portrait session.

By details, I’m talking cufflinks, bracelets, belt buckles, ties, neck scarves, vests, necklaces, pocket squares, earrings - small details that provides a different vibe from portrait-to-portrait.

Think of all the combinations you can create with just a handful of each of these accessories on hand.

Rather than stuffing your bag with a million suits or dresses, stuff it with much smaller and lighter accessories that will visually pop and do the job.

When you put this type of thought and preparation into the clothing accessories, you’re actually killing two birds with one stone.

Those accessories not only provide the visual variety needed, but, they also provide insight into your personality.  

People take pride in various aspects of their outfits, and it usually shows up in their jewelry and accessory choices.

I have one client who has an entire Twitter hashtag dedicated to his gigantic sock collection, and followers and colleagues of his contribute to his collection constantly!

By bringing your favorite necklace, bracelet, ring or tie, these details add to the conversation about your brand, peeling back the layers of your personality for your tribe to appreciate - thus growing the bond between you and them.

So, next shoot, make sure you take some time to thumb through your closets and choose those details wisely!

What clothing accessories do you have that reveal aspects of your personality? Do you have a badass watch or set of cufflinks that reveals a bit about your interests? How about a bracelet?

Please share in the comment section below.


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