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How Are My Clients Using Their Newly-Minted, Branded Portraits???


Even though I know that every single client I work with is fully intending to leverage every image that I send them, I still get excited to them each using our collaborative effort in the way that we planned and strategized;

I refer to this excitement as my proud papa moments, and I want to share these moments with you!  What better way to inform and inspire than to show you exactly how my clients are leveraging portraits from their branded lifestyle sessions?


When Pia first mentioned that she wanted to use this portrait as her Contributor Headshot, I was a little ehhhhh about it.  I felt like the image didn’t really mesh well with the brand.  I believed we had at least 15-20 other portraits that would’ve done the job better.

After chatting with her about it and listening to her reasoning behind the move, I did an about face on my original conclusion, because this image is well-suited for her brand, and that’s what’s most important.  

Either way, it’s an awesome expression that I’m psyched to see on the pages of, :)


Ted Rubin posts everywhere, including Facebook, like a machine!  As a marketing brand evangelist who preaches relationship building, Ted often shares his thoughts in a long-form caption format, like the example presented here.  He is very selective about the images that he uses to complement his messages, which is why I was pleased to see him pair this particular image with this particular caption.  

The desaturated image takes away any distraction from the pensive, forward thinking expression he presents in this portrait, which compliments the words quite well.

It’s a marriage made in image content heaven, :)


In addition to being a reporter, Joya also is the founder of LadyDrinks NY, a women’s networking initiative.

In one of her latest blog posts, she used this working lifestyle portrait.  I feel this image is well-suited in this manner, since it almost feels like she was writing this specific newsletter as I shot the image.

How about you? Are your branded portraits attracting the attention that you need and deserve for your brand?

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