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Clothing Tips For Your Next, Branded Portrait Session

When preparing for your lifestyle portrait session, it’s important to be very selective and put time into prepping your outfits.  Of course, you want to stay on brand with your color selection and style, but, it’s also important to keep these following two points in mind when packing your bags for your session.


Let’s keep the attention of the image squarely on you, your expression and your image caption.  Unless your brand is on the more outlandish side, keep the clothing as an accentuation of your brand, not the exclamation point, so that your followers will not be distracted and lose sight of your message.

On a more technical, side-note, keep your shooting locations in mind when putting together your outfits.

For example, I had a male client pack one his favorite shirts for his portrait session.  We shot him at his co-working space.  He wanted to wear it while sitting on a specific couch he always sits on while I took candid, lifestyle portraits of him working on his laptop.  The only problem was that the couch had a very busy pattern and his shirt clashed horribly.  We had to come up with Plan B.  

In order to avoid that situation, pick several solid-colored outfits and that will provide you with flexibility. That is not to say that you cannot pack anything with a pattern, just talk with your photographer beforehand about the types of outfits you want to wear and you can plan accordingly.


Although this may seem fairly obvious, I can’t tell you how many clients have told me to “watch shooting the stomach area” when I put them in a seated position.

Far too many to count - including myself!

It’s vital that you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin when sitting in front of a camera, and a way to achieve that is by choosing outfits where you feel your best regardless of what you’re doing - standing, sitting and/or moving.  The cut of the fabric is just right, the color brings out your eyes and hair color, it flatters your arms, it masks any “problem” areas you feel you have - you basically feel like the superstar you are!

If you choose those outfits, that will give you one less thing to focus on during your session, which means your attention will be placed on more important matters, like following the photographers directions!

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