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More Examples Of My Clients Branded Lifestyle Portraits In Action!


As I made my way around the interwebs recently, I came across more of my clients putting the portraits from our sessions, so, I wanted to share these with you.


I am a huge fan of incorporating text directly onto the image - it just makes the message resonate quicker and have more impact even more. Rather than scrolling to the caption, the message is right in front of your face, and accentuated by her candid, smiling expression.  

Between the font choice, text layout and tagline at the bottom of the image, Seema really put out a great content piece for her social feeds, all part of her 2017 rebrand.



As a practitioner of a new technique called Higher Brain Living, Steve needed to re-brand and present himself as the knowledgable and approachable master facilitator that he is.  This is one of several headshots that we selected from his session.  

I like this choice for LinkedIn because the hint of orange in his shirt coordinates well with his cover art - an official, promotional image used by Higher Brain Living.



As I visited Ruschelle’s website, I noticed that she used one of my photos on the homepage, but, I thought that something was a little different.  I remembered the location and the outfit, but, I didn’t remember composing an image that tightly framed.

After looking through her portraits, I found the original image. It was a cool cropping choice, really honing in on the joyful expression, an ideal image for a homepage — very welcoming to all who visit, :)

How about you? Are your branded portraits attracting the attention that you need and deserve for your brand?

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I look forward to making the magic with you!