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Working Out Some Branded Portraits During A Fitness Professional's Lifestyle Session!

I’m constantly amazed at the variety of thought leaders and entrepreneurs that are in need of branded, lifestyle portraits.  

In just the past few months, I’ve worked with marketing gurus, transformational coaches, lawyers, professional cooks, authors, speakers, event professionals - and recently, I’ve added a fitness professional to this list.

I’ve known Angela Hubbs for over a year now.  I’ve always appreciated her fun and engaging personality, and have captured some of that personality while candidly photographing several of her yoga classes.  

But, don’t be fooled by her sunshiny exterior; it’s all about gaining results and reaching/exceeding goals for her clients during her in-person or virtual sessions, which, quite frankly, is the type of motivation you need from your personal trainer.  

It’s this encouraging mix that I’ve always appreciated about her approach, and when she expressed an interest in upgrading her image content library, it’s the sentiment that I wanted to capture in her branded, lifestyle portraits.

As someone who follows Angela’s various social feeds, I am familiar with what she has been posting - a lot of content that both informs and entertains her followers.  Her fun  personality shines through every time.  She posts a lot of video, too, which is also a solid way of engaging followers.  

When we strategized the types of image content to capture, we wanted to compliment and accentuate her current content.  Keeping that in mind, I also stressed the importance of a balanced approach to her branded, portrait session, highlighting the most profitable aspects of her health-based services while also creating content that could be used to draw attention to other informative, entertaining and inspiring aspects of her brand and business.

Here’s what we came up with:

  • Yoga Pose Portraits
  • Pilates Exercise Portraits
  • Dumbbell Exercise Portraits
  • Equipment Images
  • “Working” portraits - phone and laptop
  • Clean Background Portraits


When I talked to Angela about capturing some of her Yoga poses, I suggested she use these not only as a way to introduce these specific poses to her followers, but also as a metaphor for achieving gains through difficult activities.  In addition, I suggested she leverage these images in a sales capacity, especially when she’s promoting her seasonal Yoga retreats.  

It's not enough to shoot images that can be used in one, particular way; variety is the goal!


Next up on the list was Angela working out on a Pilates machine, which was the first time I had ever seen a machine up close.  Honestly, it looks like some medieval torture device to me, but, what the hell do I know, right? 

I provided the same insight here that I did with the Yoga pose portraits, as well as worked on capturing portraits from a variety of angles, in order to diversify the set as much as possible.


From the unfamiliar to the familiar; we then made our way over to the dumbbell area where Angela had a couple exercises in mind for me to photograph.  

Since we were shooting a lot of different types of workouts over the course of a couple hours, I didn’t want her to burn out quickly, so, we often took breaks and then went back at it; while working with the dumbbells, I wanted her to lift weight that was light, but, not too light, since I wanted to capture some exertion in her face.  I settled on her faking the exertion, which, did lead to some comical expressions that didn’t make the cut - but they did inspire us laugh our asses off, :)


I am a huge proponent of incorporating non-portrait-based content into my clients’ image libraries, since exclusively posting portraits can become repetitive and tiresome for your followers.  

For some of my clients, this non-portrait content involves books and manuals that are pivotal to their businesses; for others, it involves tools or objects. For Angela, images of workout equipment was what was on the agenda.  

Equipment-only images are a great resource for her to tap into when she wants to break up her video/portrait image posting rhythm - and it can act as a springboard to sharing informative, entertaining and inspiring content with her engaged followers.

Plus, I like shooting stuff, so, why not, right?


In order to provide Angela with a full-range of image content that can be leveraged in a wide variety of ways, I included a series of “working” images to her library of portraits.  Although the work that she does with her clients primarily involves exercise, Angela, the businesswoman, spends a lot of time on the phone and on the computer.  

These types of images are important for her to share with her followers because it provides a unique look into her life and business, a part of her life that is usually unseen by those who work with her.  This peels back the onion a layer and allows Angela to relate to her clients on another level.  I wonder how many of Angela’s clients have seen her wear something other than workout gear?  

Aside from the visual, these working-with-technology images also provide Angela a unique angle to her social narrative - she can caption them in a way that departs from specific exercise and health talk. These images present another angle to followers of Angela Hubbs' brand and business.

021317 PICZ -8512.JPG
021317 PICZ -8493.JPG


Did you know that by placing your caption directly onto your image, viewers of this image will internalize the message faster and more deeply? 

This is why I always include plain-walled or simple background portraits into each of my clients sessions - these shots are versatile!  

Now, in the location that Angela and I were working, they did not have one single, white wall in the joint, BUT, we did find a nice alternative - a wall with a pretty mural of abstract color!  Coupled with a cool couch parked directly in front of it, I knew we found a neat spot with which to work.

now, Let’s turn the attention to YOU for a second... 

could you benefit from a dramatic upgrade to your image content library? Need a website refresh and some portraits to go along with that?  Are you selling a new product or service next quarter?

Sign up here for your complimentary, 20-minute consultation and we can discuss how I can help you get the visibility you deserve with a fresh set of rockstar, branded lifestyle portraits.

I look forward to making the magic with you, :)

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