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For A Branded Portrait Session, It's All About Location, Location, Location!


Q:  Within each of your portrait packages, there is a specified amount of locations (3, 5 and 10, respectively). Depending on which package I choose, does this mean I need to conceive of and book that many locations for my portrait session?

A:  Although you certainly can do that, there is a much simpler way to select multiple locations for your portrait session.

Let’s start with a simple clarification.  

with respect to portrait photography, A  location is a visually distinguishable and unique environment.

This means that within one, physical space - for example, a park, meeting room, office, home, etc. - it is comprised of multiple locations, affording  the client a multitude of options to capture his or her portraits.  

For example, let’s say you want to shoot your branded portrait session at a co-working space.  If the photographer places you on the couch next to the coffee table in the front lobby, that is one location; if you move into a conference room, and sit at the head of the table for a couple shots, that’s another location; if you change positions and stand next to the window while in the same conference room, yup, that’s another location.

Sometimes, the pickings are much slimmer, like working in a studio apartment or an artist space, but, that doesn’t mean you still can’t walk away with a diverse and versatile image set.

I've conducted several sessions where I only had one room with which to work.  

Fortunately, these spaces had several, juicy locations based on the furniture and ambient lighting in the room, so, I was able to isolate several room elements and work with what I had to provide enough diversity in the portraits for my clients.  

The smaller the space, the more creative and resourceful you and your photographer need to               be when game-planning your portrait session.

Now, there are two major points to keep in mind when selecting your spaces;

First, regardless of how cool or versatile the space, it must tie into your personal and professional brand, otherwise you’ll be sending the wrong message to your followers.  

If your brand represents cutting-edge and sleek, don’t choose a space that screams traditional and vintage.  Know who you are, what your brand represents and find appropriate spaces that align with your values, sensibilities and tastes.  So yes,  knowing what type of furniture is present and how the space is decorated is required reconnaissance on your part.  

Second, make sure to change your outfits before each location change.  If you do, your day-to-day, social media posts will look like they were shot on different days in different locations, which, of course, is one of the objectives with your branded lifestyle portrait session.  

Variety and high-volume posting - that's what your brand needs to keep on top of your followers minds!

If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to discuss them with you during your complimentary, 20-minute phone consultation - sign up here, and let’s get to work!

I look forward to making the magic with you!