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Here's Why Your Branded Portrait Session Should Not Just Include Photos Of YOU...

As a thought leader and high-level entrepreneur, it is essential to present your brand through your social feeds in a way that illustrates your expertise while simultaneously endearing yourselves to followers and prospective clients.   

One of the best ways to endear yourselves to them is by presenting diverse, image content that includes more than just portraits of you — which is not to say you are not the star, of course, but, it’s a good idea to have a strong supporting cast of branded, content images. 

Remember, variety is the spice of life — yup, went there, :)

In addition to including some selfies and candid snapshots (read more about that here), I work with my clients to mix into their feeds images of books and manuals that they've acquired over the years that have contributed to sharpening their creative knives, kept them clear and focused, constantly improved their business model and propelled their business from point A to point B.  This includes everything from textbooks, novels and company manuals to personal day planners, visualization boards and journals. 

By including this wide variety of books and manuals into your image library, you open up the possibility of many days worth of content.  

Keep in mind that one book does not equal one post;  a photo of the cover is one post, while each photo of individual chapter titles, passages and phrases each represent another, individual post. Essentially, you have months and months of content without even considering all of the other content you have at your disposal!  

In addition to creating a bountiful supply of content ammunition directly at your fingertips, presenting sources of information and inspiration that’s motivated you into action ultimately peels back the layers of your personality, motivations and brand, revealing a deeper sense of purpose to your followers, affording them the opportunity to know, like and trust you more. 

What if you wrote the book?

Photographing the book cover, chapter titles and selected passages in a visually compelling way provides you with not only juicy and personalized content for your social feeds, but, it also offers you images that can be incorporated into promoting the sale of the book itself — online ads, landing pages, sponsored posts, etc.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone - or shutter click, in this case!

Rather than just sticking with the digital cover art as your go-to promotional image, change it up and offer yourself much more variety than just one, basic image.  

What do you write in the captions?

There's a lot of ways to approach this task, but the primary goal is simple - share informative, entertaining and inspiring stories that can be directly linked to this particular text and are relatable to those who read them.  

Use an individual passage or chapter title as a launching point into a teachable moment that you can share with followers and prospective clients that further positions your expertise.  

Make the caption even more personal and share a story about how you read and re-read this particular book until you finally experienced an A-HA moment on the 3rd attempt that helped shape your business and brand.  

For images of your journal or day planner, break down some of the phrases and words that you photograph, and provide that next-level insight.

Long story short, these posts should be treated in the same manner as your branded, lifestyle portraits — they are all meant to illustrate your level of expertise while offering your followers and potential clients a deeper view into what makes you uniquely confident, approachable and likable...oh, and hirable, too :)


To give you an idea of how to creatively photograph your books, manuals and journals in your social feeds, here is some of the book-related, image content that I've created with my clients.  

Make sure to speak with your photographer about this before your next, branded lifestyle portrait session.

books by themselves

Being Read


writing in book/journal/day-planner

page turning


As you can see, there's a lot of potential to create compelling content around books, manuals and journals that visually pop and present unique insight into the development of your brand, business and yourself as a human being on this Earth.

After looking at these images, can you envision these types of images on your social feeds? Not sure where to start?

Get clear on how to use image content in your social media marketing to show you off like a high-level expert you are with my Brand Image Elevation Plan. Click here for a quick chat to see if the Brand Image Elevation Plan is right for you.



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