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Gettin' Funky With Your Image Content.

As I make my daily rounds on the interwebs and scroll through various social feeds, I, oftentimes, run into my client's’ social pages, and see what they’ve been posting.

Although the entire point of working with me is to create content that will be used often, I always get a lil’ giddy inside when I see them actually using them in the ways that we discussed, :)

At the risk of sounding like someone I would make fun of for saying this, I feel like a proud poppa bear, :)

What's even more interesting than that is when I see them taking their image content and doing something completely different from what we discussed.

One client, Ted Rubin, a social marketing strategist, keynote speaker and brand evangelist, is a big-time poster.  Honestly, I can’t keep track of how many times the man posts to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, but, it’s definitely more than once a day, seven days a week.

It would not be a stretch for me to say that the man creates more content in one month than some people do in an entire year!

Since our lifestyle portrait session back in January, I’ve watched Ted post portrait after portrait, day after day, leveraging these compelling images by complimenting his thought leadership on marketing, branding and building relationships.

Recently, I was scrubbing through his Facebook feed and came across a unique post:

By creating a video comprised of portraits and animated text, Ted added a unique wrinkle to his content strategy and, in the process, created a compelling piece of content that was intended to amplify his intended message.  

I mean, it’s video — who the hell doesn’t click on videos that are staring at you directly in the face?  I know I’m not the only one!

Either way, checking out this video inspired me to share this with you in the hopes that you will create engaging content from your existing image content.  

So, what ideas come to mind for you?  What other cool ways could you leverage your image content in a social post?

Please share your answers in the comment section below.

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