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Spreading The Excel Love Through Some Dynamic, Lifestyle Portraits

before i met shir, i would avoid excel spreadsheets like i was allergic to them.

I found them to be complicated, time-consuming, and generally something that I would tend to avoid — truth be told, I still feel kinda the same way about them...

...but now, I have a relationship with an Excel wizard, so, now I just rely on him for guidance, :)

Before I could count on him to help me with such arduous tasks, Shir was looking to create image content in a way that reflects his expertise. Over the past year, Shir has done exactly that by creating a wide variety of content that he uses for his social content, as well as promoting his various services.  

He was nice enough to sit down and talk about how he is using his updated, image content:

After listening to shir's story, what types of portraits do you think would work best to accentuate your brand and really get people’s attention?  

Portraits taken outside? At work?  How about studio portraits?  Please share your thoughts below in the comment section, :)

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