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Ran out of ideas on what to post on social – I have a quickie solution for ya!

Once upon a time, I was allergic to posting anything ever on social media.  I would break out in a rash, my thumbs stopped working, and I basically forgot how to communicate like a human being.  

Months would go by and I wouldn’t even post a single thing, let alone a “like” on one of my friends feeds!  

Long story short, I was lame about it. 

Does this sound familiar?  

Now, of course, one way to combat this roadblock is to work with a professional photographer who can shepherd you through the image content creation process in order to get you over the anxiety of not knowing what the hell to do with your social media situation.

I’m a photographer, so, of course I’m going to throw that out there, lol

In that instance, finding the right photographer now becomes the new challenge, and it might not be something you're ready to tackle time-wise and financially. 

So, what to do?  Continue to do the same shit and expect divine intervention to shower you with a years worth of content overnight?

I mean, if that does happen, please let me in on your secret, :)

But, if that doesn’t happen, then, what is your next move?

Whenever I tackle a new project, regardless of the size and scope, I start off small - sometimes very small - so I don’t become completely overwhelmed, pack my bags, and give up.

So, I’d like to offer you a very small, very simple, photo project to get the creative wheels turning in your brain and present you with something quick that you can actually post:

  1. Look around your office and pick one object - anything from a highly specialized, piece of equipment to your laptop - that, in some way, contributes to the services you provide your clients.
  2. Get some daylight into the room (or go outside if you’re feeling adventurous) by opening the blinds and shades.  This is important because daylight and camera phones play really nice together - nighttime and camera phones - ehhhh, not so much.  
  3. Find a surface to set down the object in front of all this light.
  4. Take out your phone and set it to camera mode.
  5. While looking at the screen, move around the object and find a pleasing angle to you and fire away! My suggestion? Take photos from a couple angles and choose which one you like more.  
  6. Finally, create a caption that will resonate with your followers.  Write down some notes about how this particular object helps you provide value to your clients by solving one of their pain points.   

So, I decided to take on this project myself, and here’s my submission:

The caption:

Every now and then at a seminar, conference or panel, an attendee will come up to me and point to the plastic dome on top of my flash and ask, “What’s that thing?”  My response is simple — “It’s the problem solver!” 
Posting event photos of you speaking from the stage are important images to share with your followers for many reasons, but, if the photo quality is distracting or the image is too dark, that will take away from it’s impact.  
This plastic dome, called the Lightsphere, is made by @garyfongdiffusers, and helps give my camera flash superpowers, spreading light all about the room evenly.  This allows me to set the light up quickly and forget it and focus exclusively on capturing amazing photos of my clients looking powerful and engaged from the stage.  It’s relatively cheap, but, I am grateful that it exists - and so are my clients once they see the images, :)

Now that I’ve shared mine, how about you share yours?

Please post a link to your photo posts below so I can see what you did! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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