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Captivate Your Followers Attention

Amidst the avalanche of social media posts I am bombarded with on a daily basis, I’m drawn to a few posts where the photo/message combo deeply resonates and compels me to stop and engage.  

Thought leaders like Kimra Luna, Danielle LaPorte and Grant Cardone consistently inspire me to click on their pages.

What’s the hook?

It’s pretty simple - I was pulled in through a combination of informational, inspiring and entertaining content, providing me a deeper understanding of the person and their thought leadership.  

Long story short, these image posts captivate my attention.

In order to cut through the noise on social media, you need to post content that stands tall amongst the BS and tells your story in an authentic, powerful way to endear yourself to those who want to find a reason to love and trust you.  

Don’t just post content on whim and hope for the best.  

Inspire followers to think.  Inspire them to laugh.  Inspire them to get off their asses and be a better person than they were yesterday.

And they’ll be clamoring for more!

Which Twitter and Instagram feeds inspire you into action?  Please share in the comment section below, :)


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