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From Talkin' Bout Portraits To Makin' Em - My Lifestyle Session With James Taylor

On Friday, I shared my podcast interview with James Taylor on his Creative Life podcast (to listen to that interview, click here.)

I also mentioned that after we finished recording, we discussed a lifestyle portrait session for him personally.  Several weeks later, James was in town and we made some magic happen in NYC.

During his pre-session strategy call, we talked about his brand, who he serves and why, and that illuminated the types of expressions and activities we needed to capture in his session.  

James is a well-respected thought leader in the professional speaker/creative space, but is also an extremely warm and approachable person, so those two prominent sides of his personality was extremely important to capture in his image library.

We agreed that he needed a diverse mix of imagery such as traditional, looking-into-the-camera, portraits, candid images of him podcasting and brainstorming and journaling in his idea book.

Once I arrived at the hotel he was staying, we were off to the races for the next 3 hours:

It was a successful session and wonderful experience to collaborate with someone who inspires me to be better than I was yesterday — great conversation, great laughs, and most importantly, great images, :)

What do you think of these images? Can you envision yourself leveraging images like this for yourself?

If you'd like to talk about it, reach out to me here.

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