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Here's what's wrong about posting famous quotes in your social feeds

As I bob and weave through a ton of thought leader, social feeds everyday, I see a lot of common trends in their posts.  

One of them is the use of famous quotes to rally up the spirits and attention of their followers.

Sound like you?

Truthfully, quotes from the likes of Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller and Socrates inspire me pause to pause and reflect on my own life.  

But, ultimately, these words leave me wanting more.


Because those words are from someone else and not the person who posted them.  

As an industry expert, it’s your duty to share your own particular, thought leadership and provide your unique and special value to your followers to inspire them get from where they are to where they want to be.  

I’m not saying to abandon using awesome quotes from some of the best minds the world has ever known — I’m suggesting to ease off the gas when posting them with such regularity.  

You want to endear yourself to your followers and prospective clients, and by sharing words that were created from your heart and head, that will resonate just as much with people who want to find any reason to love you more.

One thing about the look and feel of these posts:

Rather than default to the popular method of creating a text graphic in Canva or Photoshop, how about go a little low tech and find a nice piece of paper, or better yet, your journal or notepad where you write all your nuggets of inspiration, and actually handwrite the quote, then take a picture of that with your phone.  

(Okay, so the cameraphone picture part is not low tech, but, you get where I was going with this idea...)

By going with the handwriting option, you’re breaking up the visuals on your feed and that’ll give your followers something different to check out, which always keeps people’s attention.  Plus you get to show off your handwriting skills - remember when that was all we had?

What do you think of creating your own quote posts by hand?  Sound interesting?  A waste of time?  

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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