John DeMato - NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photographer
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NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photographer - About

NYC Lifestyle Photographer and Branded Content Creator, John DeMato, talks about his passion for capturing authentic portraits and how his background in television production helped shape his current business. 


john demato — lifestyle photographer & content creation expert…

…and one hell of a magical guy, :) 

I am a branded content creator who works with speakers, authors, coaches, high-level business leaders and other change agents to produce image content portfolios that present informational, entertaining and inspiring aspects of their brand to their followers.

More than just a guy who pushes a button for a living, I set my clients up for success beyond the portrait session by educating them on how to best leverage their image content for their websites, social channels, bios, publications, advertisements and various other needs - you know, the fancy stuff, :)

As a former television producer, I have over 18 years of production experience, and have been featured as a lifestyle photography expert on several NBC Universal daytime talk and reality shows. 


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