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Branded Lifestyle Portrait FAQ

This page answers frequently asked questions related to my branded lifestyle portrait service packages.


Branded lifestyle portrait services

Frequently asked questions


Q: What is the Storytelling Strategy 101 Workbook?

A: The Storytelling Strategy 101 Workbook is a creative framework that helps you brainstorm social media content ideas from all aspects of your life - as the authority in your field, the entrepreneur walking your own path, and also as a human being living on the Earth.

It helps to re-train your brain to have an awareness of writing down interesting thoughts, phrases and ideas that come to you throughout your day in your smartphone in order to develop a bank of idea nuggets that can be further developed into full-blown, social posts that teach a valuable lesson through storytelling for your audience.

Included with the Storytelling Strategy 101 Workbook is a video call to go over any questions you have regarding the framework. Depending on the branded lifestyle portrait package you purchase, you will be offered additional video calls to help you brainstorm, focus and answer any questions that may have come up as a result of doing this deep work. Each call can be scheduled before or after your branded lifestyle portrait session. 


Q: Is the hair and makeup artist rate included in the branded lifestyle portrait packages?

A: No, the hair and makeup artist will be made available to you for our session, but you are subject to their rates.


Q: Where will we conduct the branded lifestyle portrait session? Do I go to you, or vice versa?

A: That will be determined during our Pre-Session Strategy Call. Based on your answers, we will be able to figure out which location(s) will serve your needs best. And no, there is no limit to the amount of locations we visit, provided it's within the time frame of the portrait package your purchase.


Q: What is the process for selecting my final images? Am I going at this alone?

A: Hell no - I will be working with you throughout that entire process by looking at every single image together.  Either we can review and select your final images directly after the session, or, we can schedule a video call the day after to make your final choices.

Regardless, I will share my insights and help you select the best images that work for your business and brand.


Q: Do you include retouching for the final images?

A: For each branded lifestyle portrait package, I include basic color processing, cropping and mild blemish removal. Any advanced retouching required - heavy blemish removal, adjusting backgrounds, cut-outs, etc. -  will be handled by a third party vendor, and you will be subject to their rates

There are low-cost, retouching options provided by companies such as Fiverr, or more high-end services like this.


Q: What is your payment policy?

A: For each of the branded lifestyle portrait packages, I require a 50% reservation fee to book not only the photo session date, but also the Pre-Session Strategy Call and, if applicable, the Storytelling Strategy 101 Program video call.  


Q: What if I have to re-schedule?

In the event that a previously agreed upon photography session date needs to be rescheduled, you must provide me with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Requests for rescheduling with less than 48 hours’ notice are subject to an additional fee.

Rescheduling option is without penalty provided both parties are amenable to the rescheduled date.


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