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Idea Nugget Incubator FAQ



Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is the IDEA NUGGET INCUBATOR Program geared towards?

A: If you are an entrepreneur who is excited by the idea of leveraging social media in a way that increases your visibility in order to create massive impact with your expertise, then, the IDEA NUGGET INCUBATOR Program is for you.

There is a lot of noise on social media - lots of mixed messages and abrasive, sales tactics. Cut through the crap with a social media presence that attracts those who need your help most by illustrating who you are, who you serve, and why you do what you do.

The IDEA NUGGET INCUBATOR Program not only teaches you how to generate endless, social media content that speaks to your tribe, but, it also educates you on how to effectively curate your social media posts. 


Q: How does the IDEA NUGGET INCUBATOR Program work?

A: Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the Program:

  1. Signup for the IDEA NUGGET INCUBATOR Program by directly e-mailing me expressing your interest
  2. We'll then set up a quick phone call to make sure that the Program is right for you.
  3. Once payment is confirmed, I will e-mail you the Idea Nugget Incubator Workbook so you can get started right away.
  4. Once you've completed each section of the workbook, we then schedule and conduct our Workbook Review video call.
  5. In the meantime, I will then e-mail you the downloadable link to the Additional Material that are included with the Program.
  6. Once you create and post 10-20 new social media posts based on our Review call, I'll then review your work and record my feedback for the Recent Social Posts Review video. Once it's available for download, I will e-mail you the link.
  7. Based on your preferences, we'll then schedule our Setting A Course For The Future call where we will cover any material you're unsure about and then, discuss advanced content creation strategies.
  8. Depending on where you are with the material, we can then book and schedule any future 90-minute video calls


Q: What's included in the Idea Nugget Incubator Workbook?

A: The Idea Nugget Incubator Workbook is a guide that helps you brainstorm social media content ideas from all aspects of your life - as the authority in your field, the entrepreneur walking your own path, and also as a human being living on the Earth.

In it, there are 9 different types of idea buckets that help you organize your thoughts in a concise and logical way.

It helps to re-train your brain to have an awareness of writing down interesting thoughts, phrases and ideas that come to you throughout your day in your smartphone in order to develop a bank of idea nuggets that can be further developed into full-blown, social posts that teach a valuable lesson through storytelling for your audience.

It is the foundational piece of the IDEA NUGGET INCUBATOR Program and will help shape the way you approach idea generation and content creation in the future.


Q: What is specifically involved in the Recent Social Posts Review?

A: After our Workbook Review call, we will select a series of compelling, idea nuggets (10-20) that you will expand into fully-developed, social media posts. Once you've posted these stories to one of your specific, social pages, let me know and I will set time aside to record my feedback in a downloadable video that will be sent directly to you. 

I will record this solo, so you don't need to make time in your schedule.

Any questions that arise from this video will be answered during our Setting A Course For The Future call. 


Q: When can I schedule our 90-minute video calls?

A: Once you fill out the Idea Nugget Incubator Workbook, the choice, really, is up to you. We can coordinate our video calls via email based on our schedules, and take it from there.

If you'd like to save the Setting A Course For The Future call for a month or 3-months down the road, we can do that, too. If you'd like to create a more intense immersion where we work everything out within a week or two, we can do that as well. 

Let's see where you are with the material and discuss in more detail after you've completed the Workbook and are on our first call.


Q: What is your payment policy?

A: In order to secure your spot for THE IDEA INCUBATOR program, I require a 100% payment up front via check, cash, PayPal or Venmo. If you change your mind, I offer a 100% refund up to 72-hours before our first call.  


Q: What if I have to re-schedule a call?

In the event that a previously agreed upon video call time and date needs to be rescheduled, you must provide me with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Requests for rescheduling with less than 48 hours’ notice are subject to an additional fee.

Rescheduling option is without penalty provided both parties are amenable to the rescheduled date.


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