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Idea Nugget Incubator Program

The Idea Nugget Incubator program is a service that provides clients a framework and structure to identify unique moments, thoughts, insights and conversations and convert them into memorable and authentic social posts and blog articles to create a referable online presence.


Creating consistent, social media and blog content is valuable, but difficult to create, don’t you agree?

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Do these sound Familiar to you?

  • I’m too busy...

  • It’s confusing...

  • I feel overwhelmed…

  • My life is boring…

  • Who cares what I have to say...

I completely understand. I used to have the same mindset when I would sit down to create content. I would go days, weeks and months without a single post or blog article.

I knew I was killing my business by not posting consistently…

…and, that’s when I realized that a change needed to be made - that’s why I committed to turn things around and began creating content like my hair was on fire!

I no longer freak out about creating a post throughout the day - my content calendar is FILLED MONTHS IN ADVANCE.

I have rewired my awareness so that I am able to translate random moments, observations, conversations, and activities into idea nuggets that can be developed later into full-blown social posts and blog articles.

I’ve created a series of mental frameworks that helped me organize the creative chaos in my mind - and now, I’m no longer anxious in front of the caption box - I’m EXCITED to write my ideas!

I have cracked the creative code and I want to share my strategies with you!

That’s why I’ve created the program:


This 1:1 program is designed to narrow and focus your attention to the lessons you can share with your audience through consistent and memorable storytelling.

  • Share stories that illustrate your authority in your area of expertise

  • The ups and downs of being a business owner.

  • And, life as a human being on this Earth.

  • Develop and internalize your creativity process

  • Develop an awareness for capturing ideas as pop into your head and transform them into relatable stories.

There is a lot of noise online - we’re bombarded everyday. Cut through the crap with an online presence that attracts those who need your help most by illustrating who you are, who you serve, and why you do what you do.

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Shir, ExcelShir

For the past 8 years, my business has had virtually no social media presence because the thought of creating content was daunting and I didn’t even know where to start. John helped me see that content is all around me, waiting to be leveraged in an engaging and compelling way. My antennas are now up in a way they’ve never been before.

Branded Lifestyle Portrait financial expert Randal Owens

Randy, Financial Connections

The Idea Nugget Generator was extremely valuable in adding to what I realize the photos could do alone and how they would add to my content. Working with John on the ING also helped me learn what different ideas, thoughts and positions I could share with my audience and how they would be valuable. A great couple of hour brainstorm from which I took copious notes for content creation.

branded lifestyle portrait author and coach Chinwe Esimai

Chinwe, Managing Director

John’s idea incubator has been truly transformative for me. As one who is relatively new to a number of social media platforms and previously found online engagement rather confounding, John gave me a framework to authentically engage online and create endless social media content that connects with and serves my audience. I went from posting sporadically on social media to posting daily and visually punctuating those posts with exceptionally high quality images.

What’s included:

Idea Nugget Generator Workbook

  • Create endless ideas that will transform into impactful social posts that teach your tribe invaluable lessons

  • 9 unique, content buckets for you to fill up with various ideas that have the potential for developing into social posts or blog articles

  • If you have any questions about the Workbook, I will be available to help set you on the right course.

Workbook Review - 2-Hour Video Call

  • Discuss all of the idea nuggets created in each section of the workbook

  • Continue idea generation through brainstorming new ideas based on what’s written in the workbook

  • Talk about which ideas would be best served as a recurring content format you can leverage them month-after-month

Extra Materials

  • Mining Your Idea Nuggets - A PDF breaking down my process for capturing idea nuggets and how I label them in my phone


If you still want to continue our work together once our time is up, we can make that happen... #yeahabsolutely — check out my FAQ PAGE for more information. 

Otherwise, set up a phone consultation call with me to see if THE IDEA NUGGET INCUBATOR PROGRAM is what you need to powerfully move your business forward!

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