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This is the website for NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, John DeMato, who collaborates with speakers, authors, coaches, and high-level entrepreneurs to create diverse image content portfolios that present them powerfully and authentically to their audiences.



create a memorable and referable online presence for your speaker, author or coaching business

when you’re in front of the room, you own it - you've captured the audience's attention and imagination. You’re empathetic, informative and inspiring while being vulnerable and open. You're confidence is through the roof…

…that's exactly why you need your online image content to reflect this brilliance! #yeahabsolutely

We’re talking Website, social media, blogs, speaker submissions, Ads, printed materials - everything!

Visually punctuate the sentiment of every inspiring and expertise-driven story you share with your audience with lifestyle photography. This leads to:

  • Leveraging magazine-quality photos that position you as the authority in your space

  • Creating an engaged and passionate community that hires and advocates your services

  • Appealing to higher-priced clients who desperately needs your help

Need help figuring out how to build your online presence?

Download your free copy of the 50+ page ebook:

S.H.A.R.E. M.A.G.I.C.A.L. I.D.E.A.S.


  • How to present yourself powerfully and purposefully through your image content

  • How to build rapport, connection and trust with those you serve

  • How to maximize the value of your next branded lifestyle portrait session

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The Branded Lifestyle Portrait packages set you up for success with a versatile range of lifestyle photography that creates rapport with your audience by breaking down the fourth wall so they can learn who you are, who you serve and why you do what you do.


branded lifestyle portrait speaker coach josephine spilka

Capture a variety of new profile images at your fingertips for your social feeds, website needs, speaker and other press submissions.


Show your tribe what work looks like to you with candid portraits of you in action: working on the computer, one-on-one consults, and brainstorming new ideas. 


Capture portraits against a blank wall to add your personal branding and thought leadership in the empty space, or use for graphic composites.


Round out your image content portfolio with photos of books, products and other objects that have significant meaning to your business, brand and life.

From the moment you book a branded lifestyle portrait session until the photos are delivered to your inbox, you’ll be guided every single step of the way.

Strategy Call

During this lengthy conversation, we'll identify who you are, who you serve and why you do what you do.  These answers determine what outfits to wear, locations to shoot, props/objects to bring to the session and the types of images you need to visually punctuate the stories you want to share with your audience.

Idea Nugget Workbook

Not sure what to do with your photos once they’re in your hands? This idea generation program teaches you how to create endless amounts of ideas for social posts and blog articles through a creative framework laid out in the workbook. Once you’ve filled it out, we’ll schedule a video call to go over everything together.

Portrait Session

This is where all the conversations, preparations and strategy pays off big time! Depending on which package works best for your business right now, we’ll spend hours together creating an image content portfolio full of lifestyle portraits and other image content that presents you powerfully, purposefully and authentically to your audience.

Image Review + Selection

We’ll review every photo captured and not only decide which images belong in your image content portfolio, but also, how to best leverage each image - website, profile image, media/speaker submission image, social post, etc. This process can be done directly after the session or the next day through a recorded, video call.

Fired up and ready to get to work?

branded lifestyle portrait speaker author keynote ted rubin headshot

Ted Rubin

Many people have photographed me, but my team and I count on his photos for everything we do-none better. John brings out the best in me and for that I will be ever grateful. John zeroes in on who you are, and help you share that with the world.

Branded lifestyle portrait Speaker Coach Director Tricia Brouk headshot

Tricia Brouk

John’s understanding of expression and story-telling is very much how I work as a director-he knows how to capture intention. The photos John captured will allow me to tell my story as a director for public speakers with ease and expertise for years to come.

Branded Lifestyle Portrait Speaker Author Branding Coach Pia Silva Forbes mug portrait

Pia Silva

Working with John has been a delight-as a *former* camera shy person I can say that John got me over my phobia because he's JUST THAT GOOD.He also understands what business owners need from photos, and isn't just concerned with his art like many other photographers I've worked with. John DeMato is the MOST BADASS photographer I've ever met.

nyc branded lifestyle portrait Mike Roderick connector coach speaker

Mike Roderick

John has a gift as a photographer to make the people he works with as comfortable in front of the camera as they are at home. John is brilliant when it comes to using space and time effectively leaving me with such a wide variety of shots that I have material for everything. John helped me have a series of images that I can be proud of and excited about. #yeahabsolutely

feel un-photogenic in front of the camera?

I’ve know how you feel - I spent most of my life dodging cameras. While studying positive psychology, I leaned a lot of interventions and principals that’s turned it around for me - check out my article on how to build positive, emotional momentum before your next branded lifestyle portrait session. 

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