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Does creating social media content confuse the hell out of you?


  • You get “caption anxiety” when trying to figure out what to write for a social post?
  • You constantly miss out on being able to capitalize on golden moments that happen in your daily life that you can share with your audience?
  • You struggle to find the right shot with your smartphone camera?
  • Or something else even more terrifying to you?


  • You don’t capitalize on promoting your expertise.
  • You lose out on gaining visibility to attract more people into your community.
  • You aren’t able to build a relationship with your tribe through your content.
  • You lose out on gaining your audience’s trust.
  • You miss a golden opportunity to convert your tribe into paying customers!

Although I now am a branded lifestyle portrait photographer who specializes in visual content, storytelling and personal branding, I know your pain, and I want to help you be seen by those who need your help most.

This is why I created the workshop...

Smartphone bootcamp: create endless social media content that speaks to your tribe

This workshop is designed to educate you on how to create consistently informative, entertaining and inspiring stories to share with your audience, and then capture images with your smartphone that will visually punctuate these stories.

Stop licensing expensive, stock photos that miss the mark in terms of capturing your brand’s essence, and shoot your own images that you can repurpose everywhere and any time!

Specifically, this workshop will teach you:

  • Techniques and tricks behind the camera to improve the quality of your photos.
  • How to shoot better selfies and photos of other people.
  • How to visually punctuate the stories and expertise you share with your tribe.
  • How to never run out of ideas to post on social again, :)

For years, I struggled with creating valuable content -  I'd go months without posting! 

I was confused, frustrated and convinced no one cared about what I had to say.  Then, I sought advice from personal branding experts in my circle, and now, I post something new every single day, and blog 3x per week - and that content has opened lots of doors for me and has vastly improved my bottom line, :)

Here are some social post examples where I've leveraged smartphone images :

This is my current, morning coffee mug based on it's magical approach to bring a positive vibe to the start of the day. Thanks again, @donnacravotta for this cool ass shit, :)
Have a great Sunday, wherever you are and whatever you're doing, :)

Want to tell the whole story about your business and brand to your prospective clients?

Make sure your image content captures the nitty gritty about what makes you...well, uniquely you.

From the way you work, to your wardrobe, to the way you communicate with clients one-on-one, these images resonate more with prospective clients because you've dropped your wall to let everyone in so they can know, like and trust you.

It's up to you to give them the opportunity!

I know it’s not exactly sexy to take a photo of a shredder mid-shred, but, to me, this photo symbolizes so much more than aesthetics - it represents a catharsis!

For years, I would pile up so much paperwork and notes, that I had 4 gigantic cabinets full of stuff that traced all the way back to elementary school!

Notes from high school, college, grad school - I had all of it stored in my apartment, taking up space.

A part of me found it hard to let go of these things because they helped shape the person I am today, but, coincidentally, I don’t want to show up in the world as a hoarder who just keeps stuff stacked in his home.

So, a conflict of interests built up in my mind, and, ultimately, I opted to wipe the slate clean and rid myself of this clutter.

Those shreds represent the path to who I am, but, it’s the clean slate that allows me the space to now truly show up in the world the way that I want, :) 

Do you have similar issues with letting go of old papers and stuff? How do you deal with it?

One of my favorite humans on the planet, Mr. Ted Rubin.  He’s one of the reasons why I decided to serve thought leaders in the first place.

Despite his schedule, he is extremely gracious with his time, and it is something that I always appreciated about him. Aside from being an awesome fellow, he also is a dream to shoot, because he knows exactly how to present and position himself in front of the camera.

I am a fan of demonstrative talkers, and Ted certainly brings a lot of energy and movement when he speaks, and it's a joy to capture.

His energy, empathy and willingness to help has always been appreciated on my end, and, it’s important to note this because he practices what he preaches. If you look Ted up anywhere, his message is clear and simple - focus on relationship building, not on the numbers when it comes to social.

Relationship building is a foundational piece to my business.

If there’s someone to pay attention to on social who cuts through all the bullshit and gives it to you an honest opinion, it’s Ted. I suggest you start paying attention to him, if you aren’t already.

Now, to you...who do you admire in the real world or the social media?

For months, I've been struggling with figuring out what content to post on social media. But then, John taught me a number of tools that allowed me to develop a strong foundation to create content that was a pure representation of my brand. It has given me the opportunity to lay the groundwork that is essential for me to engage with my target audience while promoting my personal brand. 

   Sandrine, @missguidednotions

shir headshot.png
For the past 8 years, my business has had virtually no social media presence because the thought of creating content was daunting and I didn’t even know where to start. John helped me see that content is all around me, waiting to be leveraged in an engaging and compelling way. My antennas are now up in a way they’ve never been before.

   Shir, ExcelShir

Smartphone Bootcamp is a small, group training session that costs $297, so, I want to bring together a community of entrepreneurs who are ready to implement this social media strategy immediately.

Click here to see the next workshop open for registration in NYC. 

Questions? Check out my FAQ page, and if you can't find the answer you're looking for, contact me directly.

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