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Storytelling Strategy 101

The Idea Nugget Incubator program is a 1-on-1 service that provides clients a framework and structure to identify unique moments, thoughts, insights and conversations and convert them into memorable and authentic social posts and blog articles to create a referable online presence.


Creating consistent, online content is valuable…

…but confusing and challenging to create.

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  • What types of stories do I share?

  • Who am I talking to exactly?

  • When am I going to find the time to write?

  • When am I supposed to post this content, and what platforms?

  • I’m completely overwhelmed…

There are so many different areas to get tripped up, but, when you dismiss creating content that educates and inspires those you serve, you’re losing out on a monumental opportunity to create a memorable and referable online presence:

  • Create an entry point in your world for your audience to engage and get to know you

  • Build a community of clients and advocates who can’t stop talking about you

  • Attract opportunities to create even more impact with your expertise on a grander scale

But how can people find you if you don’t develop an online presence that shines a light on your brilliance?

That’s why I created:

storytelling strategy 101 Program

This story-generating framework helps reveal interesting, compelling, informative and inspiring moments in your life that can be repurposed as social media and blog content that resonates with those they serve:

  • Illustrate your expertise through content that spells out your thought leadership

  • Be generous and share valuable lessons you’ve learned as a business owner

  • Be honest and share lessons you’ve learned as a human being living on the planet.



  • 40+ brainstorming exercises that generate inspiration to create unique, online content.

  • Once you’ve filled out all of the exercises, schedule your workbook review call.


  • One-on-one call that provides structure and specialized attention where we review every aspect of the workbook and address any questions that you have related to it.

  • In addition to answering any questions you have regarding any aspect of the content creation process, we’ll also discuss strategy, optimizing your creative process, visual punctuation and delivery of content.


  • The importance of the relationship between the word - written or spoken - and the visual

  • Frame moments that matter in your life in a way that’s impactful for your audience

  • Utilize the lessons learned in your life and how they influenced the trajectory of your business

  • Organize your idea nuggets in a way that inspires you to develop them into social media posts or blog articles

  • Systematize your creativity and other sources of content to create a consistent posting schedule

  • Identify key themes and principles within your area of expertise and create recurring monthly content highlighting aspects of those themes

  • Learn the importance of non-image content - video, audio-only - and how to leverage it throughout your online presence

  • Advice on how to write in your own voice so that when you create content, it becomes a more natural process


It's a transformative process that provides you with the foundation to develop online content that builds community and is created on your own terms.

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