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This page lists all of the media and press appearances - including podcasts, tv appearances and various other talks - made by NYC Lifestyle Photographer and Branded Content Creator, John DeMato.  


John Demato - PRESS & MEDIA Appearances


For years, the last thing that I ever wanted to do was to be in front of the camera.

I would run around and hide from cameras as if I owed them money!

And now, I have my own Press/Media page - how ironic? :)

If you'd like to check out any of my previous media appearances - including podcasts, television and live talks - this is the place to check them out! 

If you're interested in more information on booking me for future appearances, click on the buttons below:


podcast appearances

I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to speak about branded lifestyle portraits and storytelling strategy on a wide variety of podcasts.

Some of these interviews are as short as 7 minutes while others go over an hour? Who knew that someone who writes as much as I do can talk that much! I kid, of course.

Through these conversations with podcasters, I’ve not only had the opportunity to preach my particular flavor of gospel, but, I’ve also learned a lot about who I serve and what exactly their problems are that I solve for them.

In addition, I’ve also befriended a lot of these podcast folks through the conversation, so, it’s been a win-win for me personally, as well as for my branded lifestyle portrait business.


TV appearances

It was a humbling experience re-visiting the television show that I spent 9+ years producing.

The fact that they had me on the show 3 times to capture portraits of the guests is even more humbling. I have a lot of great memories from my time working on Maury, and these appearances are right at the top of the list.



Put a microphone in front of my face these days to talk about branded lifestyle portraits and storytelling strategy and I’m game, :)

Here are some other appearances that I’ve made over the past few years. Take a peek at them and let me know what you think!


Guest Blog Articles

As much content as I pump out on my own, I always am appreciative of other folks asking to share my story on my behalf.

Here are a couple articles that have been written about me.



Speaking in front of rooms of people eager to learn - it’s really an awesome way to help those I serve.

After having worked within the speaker and author communities, I’ve learned by working with keynotes the value that this opportunity offers. I look forward to adding more clips to this section of the page sooner rather than later, :)


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