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NYC Lifestyle Photographer and Branded Content Creator, John DeMato, talks about his passion for capturing authentic portraits and how his background in television production helped shape his current business. 


john demato — 
lifestyle photographer & Storytelling Strategist

Although it’s been an interesting road getting to this point in my life where I own my own lifestyle portrait photography business, I’m happy I’ve arrived, :)

I help identify and capture moments that matter in my clients’ lives and businesses.

While collaborating with speakers, authors and other expert-based business owners, we produce branded lifestyle portraits and other image content that offers them the opportunity to visually punctuate the sentiment of every story they want to share with their audiences.

The image content portfolios we create are filled to the brim with photos that evoke emotions that span far and wide across the emotional spectrum.

These magazine-quality images straddle the line between presenting them as a superhero, yet relatable at the same time.

…and no, fake smiles are nowhere near allowed in front of my camera, :)

More than just a dude who pushes a shutter button for a living, I set my clients up for success beyond the portrait session by educating them on how to best leverage their image content for their websites, social channels, bios, publications, presentations, advertisements and various other needs - you know, the fancy stuff, :)

I serve this community because I am inspired by those who help others.

As a former television producer, I have over 19 years of production experience, and have been featured as a lifestyle photography expert on several NBC Universal daytime talk and reality shows. I’ve translated these experiences to the storytelling strategy work I do with my clients, as well as putting together my own brand.

I’m very grateful to be in the position I am, :)


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