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Meet Anthony and Michelle


When Nikon cameras get a more human touch to them, :)

Okay, I want you to be honest with me for a second and answer this question:

Have you ever named an inanimate object?

Car? Motorcycle?  Something weirder than that?

I love my Nikon cameras very much, and if you've ever seen me handle them before, during and after a session, you would know what I mean.  

Throughout my life, I've purchased 6 Nikon cameras and 1 video camera, and each of them are significant to me for one reason or another.

Since becoming a professional photographer, I've purchased two, flagship Nikon cameras, and they have held down the fort for the past 6 years.

...and since they mean the world to me, yes, I named them!

I’d like to introduce you to Michelle (Nikon D4 on the left) and Anthony (Nikon D5 on the right). They're siblings and BFF's at the same time, :)

I am unbelievably grateful and fortunate to create a business around my art while simultaneously helping clients achieve their goals with such amazing, high-end equipment.

Regardless of bad lighting, bad location, or whatever crappy condition that exists, Michelle and Anthony have come through for me on every occasion, because technical concerns are not a concern with these badass, Nikon cameras, so the vision that my clients have for their image content always comes to life.  

Needless to say, they make me very happy, :)

Although I’ve gotten plenty of shit from friends and clients alike for naming them and talking about them as if they were children, I respond to everyone who busts my chops like this:

"When you pay as much for those cameras as I did, you can call them whatever the hell you want!”

What aspect(s) of your business for which are you grateful?  A piece of equipment? Something else? someone else? 

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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