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Grateful for the change agents I serve


Helping change agents help others.



It’s no coincidence that I niched my brand to serve thought leaders, industry experts and other change agents.

For most of my life, I wasn’t much of a goal-setter or vision maker.

I was locked in a very set-in-stone, rinse-and-repeat life that involved working for someone else and hanging out on my couch.

There was no desire for anything more, I was simply rolling with the tide.

Or, put in another way, I was merely taking up space on the planet and serving no greater purpose.

Once I started my own business and began introducing myself to the entrepreneurial community through networking events, seminars, workshops and panel talks, I was introduced to a world I never even knew existed.

I was exposed to a world full of talented and extremely-driven, high-performing, change agents who take the bull by the horns every single day and dictate the course of their own lives while serving others with their expertise.

Where the hell have these people been all my life?

Actually, the real question was where the hell have I been?

I had never been around such determined and purposeful folks in my life - business coaches, health professionals, marketing and branding authorities, spiritual-based practitioners, connectors, productivity experts, legal professionals, etc.

I was a sponge, sucking in all of this valuable information and always leaving room for more.

I was inspired and motivated by these successful professionals to the point that I shifted gears with my business direction and committed to serve those who serve others.

It’s not just about the work.

I mean, I’m a photographer, I can shoot anything or anyone and work for a check, and, I certainly have gone through that period in my career.

it’s more about collaborating with high-achieving, change agents who inspire me to be a better human being while also performing at a high level as a successful entrepreneur.

By being around growth-minded professionals who strive to be better than they were yesterday, it’s had a profound effect on the way I view my life, created new priorities, and has changed the course of what lies ahead for me.

And for that, I’m eternally grateful, because if not for these influential change agents, I’d still be repeating the same shitty cycle over and over again.


How about you — why do you serve the people you do? Do they inspire and move you? 

Please share your story below in the comments section, :)

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