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Share your thought leadership thru quote posts


Share your thought leadership through Quote Posts makes a better impression on your audience when the words are from your brain, :)


It seems like every time I jump into one of my social platforms, someone I'm following is posting a quote from a past or present celebrity or critical thinker.

In many cases, the people who leverage this type of content do not post any of their own bite-sized quotes or words of wisdom, which I find quite odd.

Now, I’m not bringing this up to chastise the creative decisions some of my colleagues have made, but rather,  I want to shed light on this to implore these folks to rethink their options when strategizing how they want to communicate and develop relationships with their audiences.

While it’s inspirational to share a quote post from a famous person, let’s be honest, it’s also a hell of a lot easier to copy/paste a pre-written quote into a text box and call it a day.

It is my argument that this pick-a-quote-post-the-damn-thing approach is costing you chance opportunities to light someone up inside and captivate their attention with YOUR words.

Your social media posts nurture a conversation with people that need your help.

Although it’s effective in a sense to share other people’s messages that not only are in line with your thinking but also resonate with your audience, these people are looking up to YOU for help, so, give them what they’re looking for, :)

And, here’s the thing - it’s not like you have to sit around and reinvent the wheel to make this happen. I post about 8-9 text posts per month, and do you think I spend hours upon hours putting these together?

Hell no. It’s all about repurposing, folks, :)

Throughout the month, I jot down various idea nuggets for these posts from a variety of sources.  in many cases, the words are already written verbatim - I mean, if I’ve already done the work, why work more, right?  

In addition, when you share the same type of content in various ways, it creates a continuity across the board, and thus, solidifies your brand to those who follow you.

Here are some places that I find my thought leadership quotes, as well as some other suggestions to mine these awesome pieces of compelling content:

Blog posts/other articles you’ve written

Each post has a treasure trove of snappy, quick quotes that you can repurpose as social media content.  The vast majority of my ideas for quote-based posts come from my blog articles. It’s a quick and effective way to keep your messaging consistent across all channels.


Podcast interviews

This is an interesting one because, in many cases, the podcaster helps you out here because h/she will use interesting soundbites from your interview to promote the episode, so, the work has already been done by them, :)

In addition, I’ve had other hosts send me full transcripts of the interview, which means you can lift interesting phrases, one-to-two sentence quotes or full passages to create interesting quote posts.


You’ve written this wonderful talk - why not get some more mileage out of it by repurposing pieces of this talk into quote posts that deeply resonate with your audience?  

While we’re on the topic, visually punctuate the sentiment of the quote with a photo of you speaking from the stage - but, that’s another conversation altogether, :)

Conversations with colleagues

Sometimes, the best ideas come from those who you’ve directly inspired.

Recently, I was speaking with a colleague and he mentioned how one passage in an article I had posted earlier that day really resonated with him deeply.  

I took note of this, and, a couple weeks later when I sat down to create my social media posts for the next month, the first quote post I created was with the passage that he pointed out to me:


Look through brainstorm session notes

When you sit down and free-write ideas that extemporaneously hit you in the moment, yeah, a lot of useless shit is going to be pouring out. But, within that sea of uselessness, a couple idea nuggets will inevitably rise to the surface - even if it’s an interesting phrase or concept you barely touched on, extract that from the brainstorm and see what comes of it.

The fact is, it’s much more powerful and impactful for your tribe if the words you share on social  were created by you rather than someone else.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share other people’s quotes or thoughts, but, in my opinion, it would be much better if your default was to mine your own quote posts from your already published or used work.

It will go a long way to nurture the relationship you have with your tribe.  And plus, these quote posts will look awesome in your feed, :)

If you’re interested in learning more about how to create content and generate endless amounts of social media content that speaks to your tribe, I’ve created a one-on-one program just for this purpose.

It’s called the Idea Nugget Incubator - and, if you’d like to check it out, go here.

Any other questions, set up a call with me and let’s talk it out, shall we?


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