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Intangible benefits of creating consistent, social media content


The intangible benefits of creating consistent, social media content.


Who knew all that work has more value beyond visibility??


Creating valuable, social media content that helps your tribe to get to know you and help them push through the hurdles holding them back to showing up in the world the way they want is a very noble reason on it’s own for putting in the creative work.

But, when you can kill two, three...even four birds with one stone - well, that’s a magical proposition, isn’t it?

I can’t tell you how much I’ve developed and elevated my own expertise by forcing myself to write as much content as I do, and, it’s worth every second, without question.

In all honesty, I had no idea about these intangible benefits until AFTER I started putting in the work - had I known before, I probably would’ve stopped bellyaching about the effort a lot sooner, :)

Once you commit to a consistent, social media content schedule, good things start to happen. Here are some of the intangible benefits that I’ve noticed since I made the commitment:

Fosters disciple and productivity

You know what they say:

“The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.”

Yes, there was a time in my life where I thought that was a bunch of horseshit, woo-woo nonsense, but, you know, as we get older, we learn that many of our limited beliefs are the real horseshit in this equation.

As an entrepreneur, discipline and productivity are the foundational elements required in order to structure your business on solid footing.  If you don’t have them in place, you’re screwed. I think that anyone whose ever ventured out on their own can attest to this.

By engaging in activities that require consistent effort, your discipline muscles are constantly put to work, and, eventually, you come to appreciate the work, and that feeling and sentiment translates to other areas of your life.

It’s not a bad trade-off, if you ask me.


Develop confidence around your expertise

When I first launched my branded lifestyle portrait business, I was grasping at straws to find the words that aptly described the value that I offer my clients.

I ended up leveraging language that other photographers were using in their copy. The problem with that is that my niche is not set up in a way that’s similar to how other photographers promote themselves.

As a result, I wasn’t differentiating myself in the way I talked about it, and I sounded just like every other person who stands behind a fancy camera.

No bueno.

Once I started writing more consistently, I paid less attention to other photographers, and took more of an honest look at what I had to offer. Through that process, I started creating my own language, my own methodology and my own way of explaining it all in layman’s terms.

That’s when I started to feel like a badass, :)


Create new insight for your audience

This is a big one right here.

When you commit to creating consistent content, you are forcing yourself to see the same topic from a variety of angles, and when you do that, you’re able to create major breakthroughs and added insight that was previously unseen.

With this added insight in your toolkit, you are able to speak about your value in a variety of ways, and not just stick with the one or two main talking points.  And, let me tell you, all this extra insight in your back pocket really comes in handy.

First, you can parade all of this newfound insight when you are promoting your services while speaking from the stage, during podcast interview and any other media opportunity that comes your way.

If you listen to my first podcast interview compared to my most recent, you’ll hear exactly what I’m talking about. And, harkening back to the point I made about confidence, this ability to be so focused with your thought leadership floods you with a truckload full of confidence!

Also, when you’re speaking to a potential client on a consultation call, your ability to answer every question with such depth and knowledge is nothing but impressive and inspiring to the person on the other end of the phone.  

In addition, this rolodex of insight is really awesome to have when you’re in a networking situation and are in a position to talk about your specific value.  You no longer fumble and worry if you’re repeating your one or two, go-to talking points - you can just roll with the conversation and never feel lost or unable to contribute in an interesting way.

At the beginning, committing to a consistent, content schedule was a pain in the ass, and, quite frankly, I questioned whether the juice was worth the squeeze.

But, after realizing that this process held value beyond the social posts themselves, it became a no-brainer and an activity that I looked at with more excited eyes.

Interested in developing these intangible benefits for yourself?

The first step is to develop a process and mental framework for consistent, idea generation, and, I have a program that helps develop this for you.

It’s called the Idea Nugget Incubator, a one-on-one idea generation program that helps retrain your awareness so that you are able to recognize interesting moments, thoughts, conversations and reflections that happen constantly throughout your day, write them down, and then expand on them later to create compelling and powerful social media content.

Packed with value, this program will train you to draw from interesting aspects of your life in order to teach valuable lessons to your tribe.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Idea Nugget Incubator, you can check it out here.

Any other questions - raise your hand by setting up a call with me so we can work it out.


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