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Building confidence with Positive Psychology


positive psychology=game-changer



positive psychology teaches you through science how to show up in the world the way you want.

If you would've told me that I would've participated, let alone completed, a certificate course in applied positive psychology, I would've told you that you're talking to the wrong guy.

But, thanks to the urging of a friend, I decided to take the plunge and commit to the certificate program...

...and I'm extremely grateful that I did, because it has been a game changer on many levels, :)

While learning about the tenets the comprise positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and vitality, we were required to create a final project that illustrated our comprehensive understanding of these major pillars of the science.

I decided early on that I wanted to create a project that could be easily integrated into the work that I do with my thought leader/change agent clients, but, I wasn't sure of how the actual project would take shape.

About 5 months in, I finally had my "ah ha" moment and started to brainstorm specific ways of crafting this idea into something tangible and valuable for my clients.

I decided to create a long-form article that I could post to my website and share with those who need to hear this information most.

Another part to our final project was to create a 7-minute presentation in front of the class on the final day.

As a way to get a better understanding of my final project, I included a video clip of my presentation:


Fun fact about this presentation - it was the first time I ever prepared slides and used a clicker in my life, :)

It felt weird having it in my hand, but, I realized that slides actually make the talk go by easier because when I lost my place in thought, I simply looked at the slide on the wall and it brought me back - who knew? I now am already thinking about my next  presentation, :)

So, interested in checking out the article itself?

I'm glad you asked - here you go - enjoy! 

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