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Morning motivation...courtesy of Ryan Lee


A lil morning motivation from those who you admire goes a long way.


...especially when the motivation comes from the heart, :)


I am signed up for a bunch of daily, entrepreneur emails, and part of my morning routine is to glance at each before I dive into my own work.

I am not signed up for a ton, but, the ones that I do subscribe to is because I really respect not only what they do as business owners, but find their messages to be unbelievably informative, entertaining and produces motivation for me.

Just like the one I popped open this morning from Freedym founder and entrepreneur magician, Ryan Lee.

Not only is his passion infectious, but, his authenticity shines through in every post, every comment and every real life conversation I’ve had with him.

I met him through a colleague over a year ago, and after being interviewed for his Freedym network, and then, he graciously invited me to snap some photos during FreedymFest 2, which was a room full of awesome folks sharing and learning high-level marketing strategies to help scale their businesses.

After having a weekend where I wasn’t feeling my best personally and professionally, I woke up this morning to an email that reinforces everything that I stand for as a professional, branded lifestyle portrait photographer who serves thought leaders and change agents.

Here is the specific piece of his email that deeply resonated with me and gave me my motivation to shake off the ehhh feeling:

...You must build your business around PEOPLE you want to serve. Around a tribe that feels good.. in your soul.

DO NOT do something because that's what everyone else is doing. Or because a "guru" told you so.

When you build a business around something you love. And around a tribe you want to serve, something special happens.

Your marketing becomes effortless. Writing emails becomes second nature. You no longer "overthink" everything. Your income rises.  You get more referrals. And you wake up everyday with a smile on your face.

Because after all.. isn't that what it's all about?

Damn, this shit fires me up and really gives me motivation, :)

And, more importantly, I’m grateful for giving myself the space to actually believe that this sentiment is even possible, because for many years, I didn’t.  I thought I was destined to work a bunch of well-paying, but, completely unfulfilling jobs that didn’t serve anyone outside of myself.

Fortunately, we have the flexibility as human beings to change, :)

Now, how about you?

How do you feel when you work with those that you serve? Get all fired up and offer motivation, as well?

Please share your experiences in the comments section.

Speaking of those you serve, have you been sharing valuable content with them? Need some help with creating some image content that will visually punctuate these informative and inspiring lessons?

Schedule a call with me to see if we’re a good fit to work together, :)


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