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The 90/10 Rule


Although I'm not a mathematician, the 90/10 rule feels pretty accurate.


What is the 90/10 Rule you ask?


As entrepreneurs, we spend 90% of our time working on all aspects of our businesses in order to live the 10% of the time doing the one thing we love unconditionally that inspired us to go out on our own in the first place.

Now, that’s not to say that 90% of our day is a completely dreadful and miserable experience - far from it.

What I mean by that is business owners aren’t hobbyists, and in order to truly provide our services, we must become visible to those who need our help, and that takes a lot of time to develop.

It takes developing a business infrastructure, marketing strategies, creating outreach strategies and tons and tons of research.

Yup, its a ton of legwork, but, it transforms that 10% of your time into an unbelievably amazing experience and it totally justifies the effort on so many levels, doesn’t it?

By having this awareness and being actionable with your business/life goals, it allows you to show up in the world exactly the way you want, :)

So, what does that 10% look like in your life?

My 10% translates to working with a camera in my hand…

...while I’m rolling around on the floor, relentlessly searching for my clients unique angles and expressions, sweating profusely, and cursing loudly while my client is shifting between laughing their asses off at me looking insane while I’m in my flow state, and looking powerful and authentic from shot-to-shot.  

If I’m sore the next day from the moment I open my eyes, I smile.  

I then smile even broader, because now that I’m awake, I now have the pleasure of playing with these photos in my office, :)

This shooting/editing photos workflow is why I quit my 6-figure TV job in the first place.

The high that I feel after a successful shoot should honestly be illegal, because it’s soooo good!

So yeah, it’s fair to say that I’m a creative junkie chasing that high on a daily basis, what can I tell you, :)

Then again, since it’s only 10% of my monthly workload, it really needs to be that good shit in order to consciously commit to the other 90% of the work, am I right?

When you live with 100% purpose in your life, it makes the journey memorable and exciting. It also helps us get past all of the bullshit we carry within ourselves - all the doubt, hesitation and fear.

But it all starts with identifying what your magical 10% looks like in your life and business.

So, I pose this question to you again - how does your 10% manifest itself in your life?

Please share in the comments section.


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