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When blasting an airhorn is a good thing…


When blasting an airhorn is a good thing…


...and when it’s done more than once - well, that’s magical, :)


What a true pleasure it was to sit down and chat with John Vagueiro, President and Founder of Adapting Social. His energy and passion was quite infectious, and it made for a really interesting chat about portraits, business, productivity and life, in general.

Not only was the conversation lively, but, John apparently likes his sound effects, too.

After a couple responses that I shared with him, there was a pause of a beat or two, and then, out of nowhere, he’d blast an airhorn sound effect.

I was so giddy about it every time he did it - and nope, I’m not ashamed to admit it!


Well, one of the comedy podcasts that I listen to regularly uses this same sound effect when they have something big to announce, so now, I’ve associated the airhorn with something important being discussed.

Either way, it was a nice surprise and an awesome touch to the whole conversation.

Speaking of the conversation, here’s where Adapting Social has posted the episode.

Did any questions pop up while listening to John and I chat? Raise your hand and let me know in the comment section below.

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