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Client Calls = Content Opportunities


Short on ideas to share on social?

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Think about the last conversation you had with a client…


Man, I hate creative dry spells. They just knock the wind out of your sails, am I right?

When the idea nuggets I have stored in my phone aren’t singing to me, one of the ways that I combat these dry spells is by dipping into my mental rolodex and asking myself a lot of questions.

And usually, these questions revolve around the conversations I have with potential clients, clients, colleagues - people related to my work.  

Ideally, the best way to do this is to write the ideas down as they pop into your head during the call.  When this happens to me, I usually let them know that I’m taking a second to write it down.

These ideas oftentimes manifest themselves into ideas for posts as well as other aspects of my marketing.

After all, it can’t be a bad idea if you never write the idea down, :)

But, if you don’t have anything written down, then, you’ll have to take a trip down memory lane.

If you’re currently searching for a little inspiration, how about I throw some questions at you and let’s see if it shakes any tasty ideas out of your head that you can sink your teeth into and develop into a post.

One thing about the questions - it doesn’t even matter if they are slightly off the beaten path - it matters that the questions get your mind rolling, and that’s the first thing you need in order to get inspired.

So, when you think back to the last conversation you had with either a prospect or client:

  • What was the very first pain point that s/he brought up in conversation?

  • What was the client’s tone when s/he mentioned it?

  • How did you respond to this pain point?

  • What else did they bring up regarding what’s holding them back in their business?

  • Did they talk about how a specific pain point was affecting their personal life?

  • Did they clearly show how you offer solutions to their problems?

General questions, sure, but, when applied to a very specific conversation, ideas start to pop off the page.

I have a colleague who records his client calls and listens back to them to make sure that he doesn’t miss a single detail of what was said. When we went over his idea nugget generator workbook, the idea came up and I suggested that he get these calls transcribed so that he will have a boatload of content from which to sift through for future posts.

Now, I’m not suggesting that all of you do that because it’s a big time investment.

I am suggesting that the next time you get on the phone with a client, don’t just focus on closing, focus on listening and discovering the unique wrinkles of this person’s challenges with their business and life so that you can craft compelling content around it and share with your audience.  
If this person is feeling the pain in this way, chances are there are many more people like them sitting in your audience, waiting to recognize that you are the solution to their problems.

Give them a reason to pick up the phone and call you for help by speaking specifically to them by addressing their challenges.

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