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Nuance > Norm




It’s the nuances that Attracts you to those you serve.


Far too many conversations I’ve had with prospective clients have begun where they list off all of the “shoulds” that they need to achieve during their branded lifestyle portrait session.

These shoulds, mind you, are not based on who they are, who they serve and why they do what they do, but, what they think someone in their shoes would normally do.

They see what other folks in their space are posting and they automatically assume that they need to follow suit and do the exact same thing because that’s what those they serve are expecting to see.

Screw that.

Your session isn’t about what you think you need to do to fit in, it’s your opportunity to stand out by unveiling all of the magical nuances that comprise your personality in order to attract those who resonate with not only the way you can help solve their challenges, but the way in which you present and deliver that message.

It’s not just your expertise that gets people’s attention - it YOU that gets people’s attention.

From the way you dress, speak from the stage, and brainstorm ideas to the way you decorate your laptop and hold your pen, all of these little wrinkles are special to you.

The same goes for your interesting hobbies.

As well as the fun chachkies that you have in your office or your home that emotionally resonate with you.

Or those interesting mementos that you carry in your wallet or purse to remind you of someone, something or some special time in your life.

These are all personality cues, and those cues help potential clients realize whether or not you’re a good fit for them. It’s in the nuances that you share with your audience that paint the picture beyond the work.

How do you know what you should share?

As long as you can craft a story related to these objects, moments or personal preferences that are relatable to your audience and teaches them a lesson, then it’s fair game to be shared with those you serve.

OWN those nuances, however big or small, and broadcast them through your image content in order to attract these folks under your tent so you can begin building relationships with them.

Sticking to “norms” sucks.

I mean, is that what you do with your particular brand of thought leadership? Is that how you were inspired to write that book, compose that keynote or run that workshop?

Hell no.

You saw trends in your space of expertise that needed improvement and went in THAT direction. That’s why it’s important to do the exact same thing with your branded lifestyle portraits.

As cliche as it sounds, just be yourself - sometimes cliches are that because they’re TRUE!

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