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Vulnerability Talk with Suzan Smadi


Vulnerability Talk with Suzan Smadi


It's nice to put the camera down and have a nice conversation sometimes, :)


One of the most interesting aspects of sharing your expertise through social and your blog is that, although engagement through likes, comments and shares clues you into who is following your work, you still don’t know every set of eyeballs that are paying attention to your posts.

That is, until they contact you directly and let you know that your work has impacted them in a profound way.

Such is the case with Suzan Smadi, founder of Sacred Connections.

She recently reached out to me and thanked me for sharing my post on vulnerability, and that it was serendipitous timing, since she was planning to create a video on the topic for her Youtube channel.

Suzan asked me if I would be interested in talking about it with her on camera. Now, I’ve done quite a few podcasts with marketers, entrepreneurs and branding professionals, but, my experience talking with spiritual/psychic healers is quite limited.

Regardless, I took her up on her offer - why not, right?

During our 40+ minute talk, we touched on a couple different topics that relate back to vulnerability and how sharing those painful moments are the building blocks to showing up in the world the way you want and living a flourishing life.

Here’s the full interview:

Although the conversation was less about branded lifestyle portraiture and more about mindset, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.


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