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#yeahabsolutely I want custom a custom tshirt!


Gettin' fancy with the custom tshirt?


#yeahabsolutey - all the cool kids do the custom tshirt thing, :)

Although I love it, I have to admit, wearing only black tshirts on a daily basis can get a little boring.

Sometimes, I’d like to have some form of pattern, text or something else to break up the void that is my fashion taste.

It’s not that I need to put on a show or anything, but, every now and then, a splash of something is appreciated by my sensibilities and personality. 

Recently, I had a thought - rather than spend all this money on black tees with cheesy, mass marketed designs on it that I’m not that really into or want to pay for, why don't I can just make my own?

Enter the birth of the #yeahabsolutely custom tshirt!

I reached out to my friend, Randy, from Fresh Off The Press in Williamsburg, and he fired off a couple fresh prints of my new, custom tshirt, :)

Beforehand, I asked if I could document the process with some behind-the-scenes photos - god forbid I experience something cool and my camera isn’t on hand, right? - and, he agreed.

Although I’ve known Randy for over a decade and watched his shop churn out tons of shirts over the years, I’ve never actually watched the process from beginning to end, so it was quite an interesting experience to observe and capture the various stages of the screen printing process:


After watching this process unfold, I got super inspired and new ideas started to flow.  

Although text in one color on a shirt is as simple as it gets, I plan on stepping up the design for the next iteration - I’m not exactly sure how yet, but, I’m thinking photos need to be involved somehow, :)

Simple or not, I am very pleased to have a custom tshirt that displays my hashtag.  

This tag is not just something to slap on the end of comments or social posts, it has, for me, a deep, emotional resonance and that’s why I really love the idea of walking around with it across my chest - #yeahabsolutely, I do, :) 

Do you have a customized hashtag? Would you wear it on a Tshirt?  

Or, am I just that guy? :)


PS - For those of you who aren’t in the know, I mail out these blogs 3x a week, and lemme tell you, they’re a real party, so, if you’d like to get in on this, sign up for it here and I’ll throw in a free gift for you...because I care, :)