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Words Create Worlds

Words create worlds...

During one of my Applied Positive Psychology classes, we learned about the brain and how it interprets words.

A lot of this talk centered on left brain - right brain duality, and how one hemisphere receives the language, while the other one creates visual representations of the actual words.

The meaning behind the words is then cemented into our brains.

The instructor summed up this extremely complex topic with a very simple phrase:

Words create worlds.

I was blown away.

At the conclusion of the discussion, I reflected on this idea for quite some time, and circled back to how this concept is illustrated in all the work that my clients are doing to promote their own thought leadership to those who need to hear it most.

They’re not just spitballing a bunch of random sentiments that, you know, sound pretty good when they put them together on stage, in a social post or in a blog.

They’re passionately and openly sharing valuable information about a topic in which they’ve become an expert through rigorous study, personal experiences and intense contemplation.

Put simply, the expertise they share (words), illustrates a better way to live (creates worlds).

Damn, that’s powerful right there.

After putting that all together in my head, I immediately gained even more respect for those that I serve.

Not only is it a privilege and honor to help people to get over the hump with whatever pain points they are struggling with, but, it also is a huge responsibility.

These thought leaders are creating completely new ways of thinking for their tribes - ways that will reverberate throughout every aspect of their entire lives.

Whatever this new world is - more confidence and self-compassion, a more cohesive marketing strategy, a healthier lifestyle, a more optimized business management workflow, a stronger relationship with your spouse and family - to be able to have that type of influence is mind blowing to me when I think about it in that context.

It’s also pretty damn inspiring for me.

Based on this concept, I now will be more mindful of the blogs and social posts that I create for my followers to digest, personalize and implement.

These words help shape their viewpoint on their image content, so, it’s important the information have a lot of value behind them.

Applied positive psychologists refer to themselves as change agents, alluding to the impact and influence that they have on their client’s mindsets and outlook on life.

Based on the level of impact that thought leaders have on their tribe through their words, I also think they’ve earned the same change agent distinction.

How do your words create worlds?

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