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Having a little podcast fun today!

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to professional speaker, podcast host and Inc. contributor, Doug Sandler on his nice guys on business podcast.

And yes, he is a pretty nice guy, :)

Of all the podcast appearances I've had over the past year, Doug was the first host that actually encouraged me to curse during the course of our conversation.

Clearly, he knew how to tug on my heartstrings, :)

During our podcast conversation, we touched on a couple different things:

  • How my passionate hobby turned into a business endeavor
  • The importance of finding a strong group of people to support you on your journey
  • How I developed my portrait photography style
  • My time spent on the talk show, Maury

To check out this podcast episode, click here. The interview begins 9 minutes in.

Please be sure to subscribe to the Nice Guys on Business Podcast on ITunes here.

What did you think of the episode? Any questions or comments come up for you?

Be sure to share them below, :)

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