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What does it mean to be the genuine article?


What does it mean to be the "genuine article" on your social media platforms?

It means there's no room for BS, :)

Man, if our social media platforms were an accurate description of the real world, we would be surrounded by an immense amount of wildly successful and happy entrepreneurs who live life to the fullest, have zero regrets, with millions upon millions of dollars in the bank.

If only the illusion were reality, right?

That’s why a visit to your your social media platforms need to be taken with a rather large grain of salt.

There’s a lot of hype and hyperbole being presented by many entrepreneurs - this is a nice way of saying that many business folks put on an “I’m the guru, pay me and I’ll make you successful like me” front when addressing their followers online.

I’ve crossed paths with these types of folks, and, I have to say, it simultaneously breaks my heart and pisses me off to see them in action.

Quite simply, this approach is very inauthentic and it can kill your brand.

With that being said, how can you make sure you are presenting yourself as the genuine article?

  • The genuine articles share their entire process with you, and aren’t reserving their expertise for a paid audience only.
  • The genuine articles don’t just share their wins - they share the many lessons learned from their failures and missteps along their respective journeys.
  • The genuine articles aren’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of their tribes - sharing what’s going on in their minds and hearts.
  • The genuine articles are driven by impact on those who need their thought leadership most, and not by having their egos stroked on a minute-by-minute basis through follower engagement.

In other words, the genuine articles don’t feel the need to inflate, embellish or over-hype - they are confident with their results - and themselves - regardless of the audience and their competition.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because in order to be seen by your tribe as the genuine article, you need to post like one.

Keep this article in mind the next time you sit down to schedule your posts, it could go a long way to helping you gain the visibility for your thought leadership that you deserve.

Please share this article with someone who you think would benefit from reading it, :)

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