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Be consistent with social media marketing


Recently, I came across a Gary Vee article about social media marketing that caught my attention for a couple reasons.



He not only was talking about why he Vlogs everyday, but also swiftly addresses the repetitive nature of the content he produces.  

“Well, isn’t that the point?”  is his response, which I love because, as he declares in the next line,

“Consistency is King!”

I couldn’t agree more, :)

When your goal is to be the go-to authority in your field and create massive visibility for your brand, being consistent with your social media marketing across all platforms is an actionable framework that will create a clear signal for potential clients to tune into on a daily basis.

Although your tone and language choice might differ from the more colorful Gary Vee way of communicating, the sentiment behind the “consistency is king” message is still the same:

Fill your social media marketing schedule with informative, entertaining and inspiring content that not only allows you to stay on the top of potential clients’ minds, but, it will also deeply resonate with them. 

Just looking at some of the comments on Gary’s posts, and you will see how much his particular flavor of thought leadership strikes a chord with his followers — and his detractors — because his social media marketing is hyper-focused, consistent and waiting for you to read at any moment.  

Regardless of the haters, if your followers love your brand through your content and believe wholeheartedly that you have the answers for their particular pain points, their thirst for what you have to say will never be quenched.  

How is your social media marketing strategy treating you?

Are you quenching your follower’s thirst?  Or, are they left to fend for themselves, dehydrating in the sun?  

Do you need some help in creating image content to promote your social media marketing strategy?

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