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Celebrate small wins in a big way


How do you celebrate your wins?


I celebrate with music that I can't even understand, lol 


A couple years ago, I was hired to capture event photos for a business and marketing coach during a one-day workshop.  

Along with his instruction and individual/group exercises, there also was time alloted in the schedule for networking.

At the conclusion of each networking period, the coach would play one specific song as a way to cue everyone to wrap up their conversations and get back to their seats. 

Although I don’t speak Spanish, I knew it was a Marc Anthony track, and I knew I loved the melody and flow, regardless of the words.

The coach confirmed it was Marc Anthony, and the title was Vivir Mi Vida or Live My Life.

I went home that evening and looked up the lyrics in English, and realized there was an empowering message behind this ear-catching composition.   

After that, I added this song to the soundtrack of my life.

Years later, it’s one of the most played songs on my ITunes - and that’s not just because I think it’s a snappy happy tune…

...It’s played so much because it represents a celebration of all the small “wins” in my life and business.

These “wins” come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Ran errands and cleaned a room in the house.

  • Attended to my inbox.

  • Did some file maintenance on my computer.

  • Mentored a fellow photographer who needed some creative or business advice.

  • Created content - like this blog, for example, :)

  • Organically engaged and shared amazing content with my followers.

At the conclusion of the work day, if I’ve taken care of these various to-do’s, I grab my headphones, head downstairs to the front of my building, light up a cigar, and cue up Vivir Mi Vida and get lost in savoring the moment of a job well done.

This scenario represents my magical, little ritual that I so very much look forward to on a daily basis.

It’s important to celebrate wins in your life, however small they are, because human beings are genetically wired to react well to rewards.
When appropriately used, ritualistic celebrations can facilitate your motivation to get the job done.  

I know it may seem trivial, and honestly, I used to think all these types of positivity gestures were bullshit and a waste of time, but now, I realize the power of purpose and intention behind something like my ritual.

It’s these small, positive nudges that help keep us on our path, build resiliency and add a little sunshine to our lives, even when it doesn’t seem that the momentum is going our way.

As far as I’m concerned, celebrating small wins is exactly the way that I want to live my life, :)

I ask again - how do you celebrate the small wins in your business and life?   

If you currently don’t, how do you think that you will in the future?


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