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“You don’t know how many men you’ve helped with your stories.”


“You don’t know how many men you’ve helped with your stories.”


Well, that’s one amazing way to introduce yourself to me, :)


When it comes to engagement on social media, I often tell my clients that although you need to focus your engagement and attention efforts on one or two social platforms where your clients hang out most, it’s important to have a presence everywhere online so that potential clients can still find you wherever they are.

Even though I’m a photographer, I really don’t spend much time on Instagram other than posting content consistently and responding to comments on my posts.

I’m glad I walk my talk because that’s exactly how my client Kristi Data found me, :) 

One day, I shared a post that talked about my issues with weight when I was younger. 

I posted it, forgot about it and moved on about my day.

Several hours after it went on my feed, Kristi reached out to me via direct messenger and opened up about how this post deeply resonated with her. She’s a fitness and nutrition expert who’s had issues with weight in the past, so my struggle was relatable to hers.

She also shared the “you don’t know how many men…” thought with me, which was extremely flattering, and inspired me to want to share more vulnerable stories like that. 

That initial conversation stretched out over the course of a couple weeks, and eventually, it led to her booking me for a branded lifestyle portrait session…

...which then turned into a second session and coverage of one of her private events in Manhattan. 

All because I shared my story throughout my online presence, :) 

The strategy calls and photo sessions with Kristi were effortless, as she is a real joy with whom to work. 

You can check out some of the magical work we created together in this portrait gallery.

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