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NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photography Blog | Hi, I'm John DeMato, and I collaborate with thought leaders to create powerful, purposeful and authentic images. This is my blog where I talk all about the magic behind the portraits we create.

Birds of a feather create magical portraits together, :)


Birds of a feather create magical portraits together, :)


Working with good people makes all the difference in the world…


...and it also maximizes the value of your branded lifestyle portrait session.

I was introduced to Chinwe through a mutual friend, and at first, I was curious to see how it would go. 

Chinwe is a lawyer and Chief Anti-Bribery and Corruption Officer for Citi who is originally from Nigeria.

I’m a photographer from over here - not exactly kindred spirits on paper.

Going into our initial call, I had a running thought in my mind that maybe I might have to curb my natural inclination to, you know, be fully myself by curbing the language and the unfiltered opinions. 

I figured that she was a corporate executive who might not appreciate the particular flavor of sunshine that I offer to a conversation.

Ultimately, I scrapped that idea. 

I want people to know exactly how I operate from the first second they speak to me as a way for them to qualify my personality and determine whether or not I’m a good fit to work with them. 

Within 2 minutes of the conversation starting, my concern washed away.

We already were good friends in good company! From that moment, I knew the session was going to be good!

Chinwe was looking to build a speaker brand outside of her affiliation with Citi. She talks about the immigrant woman experience, which is very close to home for her. Once I heard about her goals, I knew I wanted to help. 

We spent some time fleshing out who she is, who she serves and why she does what she does, and put together a plan to capture images that would support her objective to create dialog and relationships with those she serves. 

You can check out some of the magical work we created together in her portrait gallery.

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