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Branded lifestyle portraits...and lingerie?


What does lingerie and this photo have in common?


…well, that’s a fun lil’ curveball, isn’t it? Lol


The answer is that without a random conversation with a random guy about lingerie photos during this branded lifestyle portrait session, this photo - and the many other awesome ones in this series - wouldn’t have happened.

Still a weird connection, right? Lemme tell you what had happened, k?

At one point during my session with Mike, we opened the door to the Breather space and one of the men in the office next door popped his head in and asked a couple questions regarding how to book the space.

He said he is a lingerie designer and was looking for a space to conduct a photo session with all of his new designs. The conversation quickly pivoted from logistical questions to creative ones.

I went into full brainstorm mode, offering up a bunch of suggestions as to how to shoot that type of product in this space.

He mentioned he wanted a seamless white look as a background, and asked me about stands and backdrops. I told him forget all that and just move the couch and paintings off the wall and voila, the white background with a cool, wooden floor would then be available to him.

After that conversation, Mike and I were kicking around a couple ideas for some added material to shoot since we were ahead of schedule, and, the idea of capturing a series of head-to-toe shots was thrown into the ether.

Thanks to the lingerie guy conversation moments earlier, I simply suggested we just do what was discussed with him, and the next thing you know, we were moving furniture and takin pics!

I’m really glad we did since these images have a ton of flexibility and versatility with respect to being used on social, blog articles and on Mike’s eventual website overhaul.

I also suggested to him that these images are ideal to incorporate inspiring, informative and compelling text onto them - and since he had so many, he could transform that idea into a recurring content format every month.

See what happens when the topic of lingerie comes up in a room full of guys? We end up with a series of awesome and versatile portraits, :)

Speaking of that, we captured way more than just this series of photos - to check out the highlights from the session, I created a gallery of them on my site.

Lemme know what you think!

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