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BTS action during a branded portrait shoot


It’s one thing to post portraits from a session…

NYC Branded Lifesyle Portrait John DeMato Productions On Street.png

…it’s another to commemorate the session with video, :)


Admittedly, I am still burned out from all the years shooting and editing video for broadcast and private clients, and that reality has squashed my desire for video creation to post to social and my blog.

But recently, I had an opportunity to create a fun promotional video that I couldn’t say no to, :)

While my Dutch photographer colleague, Maurice Jager, was in town for PhotoPlus, we planned to capture some branded lifestyle portraits of him walking around the city, so he could leverage these images back home to promote his branded business portrait services.

As we were strategizing the session, the idea of behind-the-scenes video popped up.

After I finished rolling my eyes at the thought of having to edit this clip, I begrudgingly agreed to the idea because it’s a great way for my audience to get a sneak peek into what it actually looks like when you’re in front of my camera.

After shooting for about two hours in Manhattan, we called it a day, and that’s when I got to work on the video clips captured by a fellow photographer colleague, Roman Meisenberg.

Here’s the clip:

Although I was dragging ass this entire shoot because of lack of sleep and a nasty cold that wouldn’t go away, we came away with a very cool look into what a portrait session with me looks like…

…not to mention a boatload of awesome, branded lifestyle portraits that Maurice can add to his image content portfolio.

Speaking of that, be on the lookout in the coming weeks - I will be sharing a ton of what we created on this cold day in Manhattan.

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