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EMO-tional portraits


It’s not always sunshine and roses...


...sometimes, you need a little emo in your life...


When you invest in a branded lifestyle portrait session, you are acquiring a wide variety of image assets that serve to visually punctuate the specific stories you share regarding your expertise, life as a business owner, and life as a human being.

Although there are a lot of amazing and joyous moments that you will share, many of the lessons you impart on your audience stem from stories of struggle, rejection and failure

When you share these stories, it’s important to leverage images that enhance and magnify the pensive, reflective and, in some cases, painful, sentiment in order to allow the story to emotionally resonate with your audience.

I refer to these types of images as EMO portraits - and I make sure every client that sets foot in front of my camera has a pile of these from which to leverage.

How can you tell an EMO portrait from other portraits?

Well, the characteristics vary, but, generally speaking, EMO portraits involve the client NOT making eye contact with the camera - they’re looking down, up, and away from the lens - which implies a sense of pondering, ruminating and reflecting - and the lighting is also more shadowey and full of contrast to give it a more dramatic and EMO-tional feel.

The best way to figure out if a photo is ideal for a more reflective and vulnerable post is to look through your image content portfolio, image-by-image, and stop on the one that feels like you’re reflecting hard on a tough time…

...yes, it really is a “feel” thing and not a “think” thing - give it a shot..

By sharing these types of portraits - and the stories of struggle that they visually compliment - you are unraveling more and more layers of the onion in front of your audience, which leads to a deeper connection and rapport, and ultimately, their trust.

In terms of visual variety, incorporating images like this also create a wide contrast in the types of posts that you share, provides a wide, emotional spectrum that will keep your audience’s attention and not bore them with the same types of photos over and over again.

Can’t go wrong with that, :)

Do you have any EMO portraits in your image content portfolio? No? Well, I think it’s high time we change that, hmmmmmmm?

Schedule a call with me to see if we’re a fit to work together.

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