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Creating Social Media Content From All Walks Of YOUR Life


Create Social Media Content From All Walks Of YOUR Life.

NYC branded lifestyle portrait photographer John DeMato Adrian McIntyre Interview

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While the vast majority of entrepreneurs understand the importance of creating social media content that resonates with their audience, how many actually follow through on the effort?

I was on the phone with a colleague, Dr. Adrian McIntyre, the other day, and we talked about this very topic in depth for about 90 minutes.  So yeah, we got deep in the weeds about content creation, folks.

But, it was such a glorious journey!

It was one of those, "oh shit, we are sharing some really interesting insight - I wish we were recording this" moments.

And that's when we decided to record an FB Live, :)

To check out the conversation, click on the video below: 

Throughout this conversation, we referenced my upcoming workshop, Smartphone Bootcamp: Create Endless Social Media Content That Speaks To Your Tribe.

During Smartphone Bootcamp, you will learn and practice 9 idea-generating techniques that you can leverage daily in order to inspire new insights, new ways of managing your content creation time more effectively and new ways of leveraging moments in your life to teach a lesson to your tribe.

You’ll also learn some important techniques to visually punctuate those impactful stories by shooting photos with your smartphone.

Interested in learning more about Smartphone Bootcamp? Go check it out here.

Registration for the next workshop in NYC is currently underway. To check out the date, and claim your spot, you can sign up here.  Seating is very limited, folks, so, don’t delay!


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