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How Google Drive saved my life


Where the hell would I be without Google Drive?


I'd be Google Drive-ing myself insane, that's where...


...I know, Im sorry, let's move on from that one, shall we? :)

When I was a freshman in college in 1996, I wrote my papers on a typewriter.

Yup - an actual, old school, typewriter, complete with the little ding once I reached the end of a margain… know, the kinda ding thats appreciated by historians and hipsters alike.

I was slow to get into the computer age, in all honesty.  Aside from playing video games on my brother’s Commodore 64 - look that one up, kids, and be amazed at the lack of moving pixels on the screen -

I was completely intimidated by the thought of working on a desktop computer. It was a bulky machine, with complicated technology, and I was not interested in learning the ins and outs of this thing.

And then the internet came to Hunter College, and I discovered chat rooms, so, that pretty much changed everything for me, :)

I don’t know what I would do these days if I didn’t have the internet.  My entire creative and business workflow is built upon leveraging a wifi connection and many of the tools that are at our disposal.

One of the specific tools that is an absolutely godsend to my daily life is Google Drive.

To me, Drive represents my journal, internal monologue and brainstorming center.

I write my blog and social posts, sketch out business-based ideas, and collect my personal thoughts and feelings there, too.  Basically, if anyone wanted to learn all about me, hacking into my Drive would be their best best with that.

And that’s because it’s become my de-facto, backup brain.

The ability to start an idea on my phone when I am out and about, and then refine and finish it later that day on my desktop without having to move, copy or save anything is absolutely amazing and a real shot in the arm for my productivity.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of a quick idea on the train, opened up Drive on my phone, jotted down the thought while sitting in a train stop with wifi, and continued adding to that thought at each, continuous stop.

Not exactly how I envisioned life was going to be in 2018, but, what the hell did we know where all of this was going, right?

I’m a little impatient waiting for the telepathic technology to break through, so, I can stop adding wear and tear to my wrists typing, and I can just think thoughts that will appear on the screen.

Hmmm, maybe I should be careful what I wish for on that one, :)

Be it as it may, thinking through professional and personal concerns is a fluid process and having tools that can support the way I ruminate are an amazing way to foster a smoother flow of work, which ultimately benefits those I serve because it allows me to constantly churn out content that helps those in my tribe.

And, that’s what we’re all about over here...well, that and online chatting with women, of course, :

What specific technology - apps, machines, etc. -  helps drive your workflow? What could you not live without at this point?

Please share in the comments section.


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