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Just a room full of good people - my people, :)


It's important to respect who you serve.


They inspire the best work out of you, :)


If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it 100 times - I love working with professional speakers. 

And, it’s not just the fact that they are amazing storytellers who captivate my attention and inspire me to pick up the camera and keep shooting despite the fact that my back is sore, my knees are a little creeky and I’m sweating like a crazy person in the middle of a hot summer day. 

What really attracts me to working a room full of these folks is the fact that they all are so passionate about what they do, and how they serve their audiences, and the belief that what they say will motivate their clients into action and be better than they were yesterday. 

Whether their specialties lie in motivation or education in some unique way, they present it with such power and conviction - and those are qualities I want to present in my own client work.

How can you not want to be in a room filled to the gills with these types of people? 

Recently, I had a chance to hang out at the Summer Social event for the local NYC chapter of the National Speakers Association. 

As the official photography sponsor for this chapter, I get invited to all the cool happenings and snap some pics.

The badge was a nice touch that really got me excited, I have to admit, :)

But, of course, there was plenty of work to be done aside from that snap for myself, so, I spent the next three hours firing away, and, you know, getting in people’s faces with my camera. 

Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite photos taken at the event:

Another evening of amazing conversation and storytelling in the books with a room full of good people - my people, :)

Who are your people? Are you a part of any organizations that have in-person meetings? If so, how do you feel after spending some time with everyone?

Please share your experiences in the comment section below.


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